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#128 Michael Pollan – Journalist, activist and author of How To Change Your Mind on psychedelics

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Michael Pollan – Journalist, activist and author of How To Change Your Mind on psychedelics

Michael Pollan is journalist, activist and author. For more than thirty years, Pollan has been writing books and articles about the places where nature and culture intersect: on our plates, in our farms and gardens, and in our minds. In podcast #128, we’re talking about his latest book: How to change your mind.

Michael, Michel and Wiggert are talking very openly about their experiences with psychedelics. We’re talking about how psychedelics can help with for example addiction or the fear of death.

Michael shares his vision on consciousness. What does he mean by that? Is consciousness something that is produced by our brains or are we part of something bigger? And why is it so hard to study this?

We’re talking about the therapeutical function of psychedelics. Why is there still such a taboo? What should these sessions look like? And how important are things as integration sessions, Set and Setting and music?



Topics we’re talking about:

  • What were our most profound experiences with psychedelics?
  • How did ayahuasca help Michael with how he meditates now
  • How did Wiggert’s ayahuasca journey start? What did Wiggert learn about his father and how did his first session help him with growing up?
  • How did ayahuasca help Michel find his Christmas spirit back again?
  • How can psychedelics help with dealing with addiction?
  • How come insights people gained from psychedelic experiences seem very undeniable for them?
  • Did psychedelics change Michaels spirituality?
  • What is it that psilocybin helps with the fear of death?
  • Are we part of a bigger network? Is consciousness a product of the brain or a property of the universe?
  • What does Michael mean by consciousness?
  • How do you describe such experiences to the world (in a book for example)?
  • What was Michaels mission with his book?
  • Where does Michael think universal visions during for example ayahuasca come from? Why is it so hard to study this?
  • What do psychedelics and meditation have in common?
  • Why can psychedelic have such therapeutical function?
  • If psychedelics can be so helpful, why aren’t so few people talking about it
  • What would a psychedelic therapy session look like?
  • How important are integration sessions after a psychedelic experience
  • What is Set and Setting and how important is it?
  • What does music do to your brain when you’re in a psychedelic state?
  • How valuable can ‘challenging trips’ be?

Show notes:

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