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#96 Altazar Rossiter – Author, energy facilitator and wisdom teacher

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Altazar Rossiter – Author, energy facilitator and wisdom teacher

Altazar Rossiter is author of the book Spiritual Intelligence. He is a mentor, healer and spiritual teacher of many people, also in the Netherlands. In this episode, we talk about spirituality, energy and sensitivity. Altazar shares his personal story with us.

Altazar Rossiter


Bekend van:

We talk about Altazar’s transformation and how he got connected to the Spiritual Intelligence. We also talk about transformation in general and how rituals can help with that. Do we need rites of passage? Do they help our children grow and learn? 

Of course we talk about his book. This is mainly about how you can implement spirituality into your daily life. But how does that work? Wiggert and Altazar talk about the concepts from the book like collective pain, consensus reality and karma. Also, we covered more ordinary topics like how to deal with feelings and emotions.

One of the many wise lessons Altazar shares is: “You can’t solve any issue at the level of consciousness that it was created.” 

If you want to learn more about Spiritual Intelligence and how to heal yourself, you’ll enjoy this podcast. If you’re really interested in the topic, you can learn more about it bridgeman.nl. 


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We cover the following topics:

  • Our favourite superheroes and how they embody our principles
  • Altazar’s path to spirituality
  • How language works and how they affect our daily lifes
  • Rites of passage
  • How do we deal with energy, emotions and sensitivity?
  • How do relationships work and what does projection have to do with that?
  • Free will versus free want
  • Differnt layers of spiritual intelligence
  • How do we deal with collective pain?
  • What is karma to Altazar and Wiggert?
  • What is the concept of consensus reality?
  • Altazar’s vision on love and pain


0:00 – Aankondiging eindbazenshow.
3:25 – Aankondiging lezing gezondheidsschool.
4:17 – Vraag om sponsoring bij Nootrofit.nl.
5:17 – Introduction Altazar.
7:40 – Nootrofit message.
8:33 – Superheroes and their relationship with spiritualism.
9:53 – Why we can relate to superheroes.
12:50 – Brief history and introduction of Altazar.
14:08 – Altazars search for something different.
15:05 – Thoughts and speaking aloud.
16:50 – Difference between expressing feelings and being negative.
18:55 – How language works.
21:23 – Going back to collage and looking into yourself.
23:20 – Exploration of metaphysics and learning to meditate.
26:00 – Altazars awakening.
30:06 – Commonalities between religion, priests, healing chanting and singing.
35:00 – Driving your body to exhaustion in order to hear your inner wisdom.
37:42 – Rites of passage and the spiritual teachings.
39:50 – How we treat our children.
41:07 – Start your journey as a boy and return as a man.
43:15 – Altazars journey after the awakening.
45:37 – New age tourist.
47:15 – The story behind the book: ‘Sprirituele intelligentie’.
50:00 – What is spiritual intelligence.
52:08 – When do you know when you are in contact with spiritual intelligence.
53:50 – Developing your sensitivity.
55:32 – Culture of men not being allowed to cry.
57:00 – Learn to open and listen to your internal guidance system.
58:15 – Morphemic renaissance.
1:00:15 – Broadcasting our feelings imprints energy fields.
1:01:28 – Example of fear energy buildup.
1:02:24 – Is enhancing your sensitivity helpful?
1:03:37 – Relationships, conditional love and victim mode.
1:08:15 – Determining your soulmates v.s. working on your own patterns.
1:10:04 – Projection onto other people.
1:13:15 – Dealing with (negative) thoughts.
1:16:32 – Exploring spiritual intelligence.
1:17:32 – Layers of spiritual intelligence.
1:19:10 – Getting to the spiritual place you recognise by practice.
1:21:20 – Free will v.s. free won’t.
1:23:55 – Collective pain.
1:26:37 – Handling pain, which steps to take.
1:28:15 – Recognise when to stop arguing.
1:30:15 – Example of blessing love.
1:33:05 – Karma.
1:39:25 – Consensus reality.
1:41:08 – Authenticity.
1:44:40 – Looking at the world compassionately.
1:45:45 – Where Altazar can be found and upcoming events.

Show notes: