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#155 Patrick McKeown – Optimize your everyday breathing

By 1 december 2019april 5th, 2022No Comments

Patrick McKeown – Optimize your everyday breathing

He has been giving seminars and trainings since 2002 and wrote several books about it: breathing. Or, in other words: closing your mouth. In this episode, we welcome international practitioner, author and breathing expert Patrick McKeown to our studio!

Ever since Patrick was a child he struggled with asthma. Due to the lack of adequate sleep he couldn’t focus or concentrate and was not able to reach his full potential as a teenager. It all changed when he discovered a technique that helped him breathe differently.

Patrick speaks about his mission to empower people to take back control of their lives, simply by using his breathing techniques that have proven to improve body oxygenation.

The exercise seems simple: just breath through your nose. But are you still capable of keeping your mouth closed during an intense workout? How does this technique affects our training? And what impact does it have on child development?

Curious to know everything about the optimization of your everyday breathing? You will find it here!



We cover the following topics:

  • Is it hard to correct methods that have been taught for years?
  • How should we be breathing?
  • And what about during working out?
  • How should we start our day?
  • Wim Hoff technique vs Oxygen Advantage
  • Is the Wim Hoff technique beneficial?
  • Hyperventilation and a higher breath hold
  • Example of bad breathing
  • What happens when you breathe through your nose during physical exercise?
  • What is meant by ventilation?
  • Why is my body making me ventilate more when I’m pushing my body?
  • Reaching the lower regions of your lungs by breathing through your nose
  • Breathing exercise
  • Stress then vs now
  • How to train your children to deal with stress
  • Mouth taping for kids – breathing through the mouth vs through the nose
  • Do you think we lost the right way of breathing along the way?
  • Breastfeeding
  • The food we are eating
  • What about breathing out through your mouth?
  • What is VO2 max?
  • The importance of sleep and recovery

Show notes: