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#87 Dr. Jordan B Peterson – Transcendental Goalsetting, the Power of Fear and the Hero’s Journey

By 13 februari 2018april 5th, 2022No Comments

Dr. Jordan B Peterson – Clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology

In this episode, we got to pick the brain of internet phenomenon Dr. Jordan B. Peterson on some fundamental themes in personal leadership and development. .

Dr. Jordan B Peterson


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Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Youtube.

We talk about the potential of living in the West with all its opportunities and the moral obligations this has on maximizing your potential as a human being. We explore the concept of little gifts or nudges from the universe and why they are so important and how they all start with you as a person.

Another topic we delve into is the power of goal setting. Having something you aim at has a tremendous effect on the manner in which people behave themselves and manage their focus and energies.

Experiments done at the Erasmus business university showed that students who had done Dr. Peterson’s Self Authoring Program not only completed their education in higher numbers, their average marks were also significantly higher.

Related to this is the importance of establishing a relationship with goals which have a transcendental value and the beneficial impact that would have on you, your surroundings and the world.

We discuss the dark side of goal setting: the worst case scenario and it’s value to fueling your motivation. Fear it would seem is not without its purpose or use! It’s a matter of channeling it in the right way.

And of course, we touched on the archetypical monomyth and how we can use it in the projection of a metaphysical overlay on reality that allows us to instantly choose the right path in any situation.

It’s all about bringing order into chaos! A moral compass we are all equipped with! And the cherry on top? All this Wisdom is put into context by some great Startrek and Starwars analogies!


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0:55 – Introduction Jordan.
2:37 – The miracle that is Europe.
5:10 – Taking for granted Western society.
7:50 – The history of created beauty.
9:15 – What society demands of people and what they receive in return.
10:59 – Duty and responsibilities that come from living in society
12:05 – The default mode of interaction in the West is trust.
14:21 – On corruption and taxes.
15:35 – Peer review systems and the need to trust people
18:29 – Small gifts can change a life.
22:27 – Having a goal can change your life.
26:03 – What should you aim at?
29:25 – Adversity and something terrible.
30:38 – The effect of the self-authoring program on students at Business University Rotterdam
32:31 – Impact of a worse case scenario.
36:44 – Quantify your procrastination in money
39:28 – Why does procrastination exist?
41:14 – The development of a vision of the future.
44:12 – Does biological reductionism exist?
47:28 – Everything psychological is biological
50:50 – Survival at any cost is impossible.
52:53 – The hero’s journey a model for life.
56:05 – Scrum for living and working with a shitty first draft
58:58 – Public speaking is a like being a prey animal
1:02:02 – Expose yourself to discomfort to improve
1:03:18 – Physical initiation
1:05:00 – Symbolical meaning of dragons in the West and Asia.
1:07:48 – The need for transcendental values.
1:12:58 – Controlled reduction.
1:15:20 – Wat exactly is divinity.
1:18:15 – Ever increasing complexity.
1:20:24 – Consciousness.
1:21:30 – Thirst for knowledge and the archetypical need for exploration.
1:24:32 – The monomyth as a tool for personal development.

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