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#169 Paul Rulkens – High performance expert about goal setting and how to achieve big success

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Paul Rulkens – High performance expert about goal setting and how to achieve big success

It’s been a long time since we’ve recorded a podcast in English, but this high performance mastermind made us switch languages again. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer: fond of solving problems which do not talk back, this guest is now all about goal setting and getting the most out of your life. The star of this show is Paul Rulkens!

What is high performance? When are you operating at the top?
We speak about realistic planning and long term goals, energy levels, decision making and building new behavior.

We discuss all necessary steps for reaching your highest potential, the most commonly mistakes made by startups and how high performing employees can make successful companies even more successful.

Do you want to achieve your goals and get the most out of your time? This one is for you!



We cover the following topics: 

  • What’s the definition of high performance?
  • Are we operating at the top?
  • Realistic planning
  • The 20 year vision of Michel and Wiggert
  • What are the goals of Paul Rulkens?
  • How to determine what’s the best thing to do vs a good thing to do?
  • What are techniques can he teach us?
  • The route of Paul’s personal sense of urgency: what is it that makes you focus on getting the most out of your time?
  • Which are ways of prioritizing? How to prioritize?
  • Is there a roadmap Paul uses to reach goals?
  • Building new behavior
  • What is serendipity and how could it help you overcome obstacles?
  • Ego vs behavior
  • How to deal with high ego?
  • Ownership
  • The relationship between aggression and performance
  • How do you keep vigilant?
  • Making use of pen and paper to stimulate productivity
  • High performance vs family life
  • One of the most important topics: rest and recovery
  • Open offices

Show notes:

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