#138 David Allen – Getting it done a second round

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David Allen – Getting it done a second round

Last time he was on our podcast, he was our first international guest. Two years and over 100 podcasts down the line, he is back in our studio for a second round.

We catch up with David on his life, his health and his continuous work for Getting Things Done (GTD). We discuss the difference between free will and free choice. How our human brain works. And the impact that GTD still has on many different lives around the world.

David shares a lot of his knowledge on how to focus and being present. How can we quiet our minds and reach the goals we are aiming for? Why does sleeping on something often work? How can we bypass our conscious condition?

These topics, followed by inspiring quotes such as “Clean your house in order to make a mess” are the basics for this podcast.

Ready for the second round? Get it done!



The following topics are discussed:

  • What has David been doing the past 2 years?
  • What would he have done differently?
  • Did David ever think of developing a GTD system?
  • How can we fill our brain with something not distracting?
  • What is his opinion on goal setting?
  • What is the definition of a goal?
  • What is the final outcome that you’re after, what is your next action?
  • What is the muse, does it exist, is it true?
  • Does GTD have a different approach to teens?
  • Has David worked a lot with children?
  • What are the links with the educational system?
  • What is the benefit for adults doing their weekly review?
  • How come people know exactly what they need to do, but still don’t do it?
  • Does David think society is aiming too much for 100% happiness?
  • How long has David been married?
  • What is the secret of a good marriage or relationship?

Show notes:

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